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Arbor Day

The Arboretum at SUNY Buffalo State was formally dedicated in 1962 with the ceremonial planting of a Scotch elm in honor of Maud Gordon Holmes, founder of the Garden Center Institute of Buffalo. Since then, the arboretum has grown from approximately 300 trees to include over 1,500 trees. Because the objective of an arboretum is to grow trees and shrubs for scientific and educational purposes, the Maud Gordon Holmes Arboretum includes many varying species of trees, over 100 shrub beds, and numerous landscape beds featuring vibrant annuals and perennials. The campus displays greenery year-round while marking the seasons with fragrant blossoms, shade-giving trees, and luminous autumn colors. 

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Arboretum/BSCenery Program

Buffalo State •  1300 Elmwood Ave  •  Clinton Center 106
Buffalo, NY 14222  •  Phone: 716-878-6652